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the power of movement
The mission of 

Blue sage pilates

is to teach Classical Pilates to clients of all ages and abilities, sharing the wisdom and tradition of the original work, quality and standards of Joseph H. Pilates.

Providing a friendly, supportive and nurturing atmosphere of instruction and guidance, it is our calling to encourage and empower clients to move well, breathe deeply, and grow confidently in their own abilities.

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classical pilates Lessons

Unlike contemporary or modern Pilates-based exercises, Classical Pilates is the specific routine of exercises developed and practiced by Joseph Pilates, the pioneer of the Pilates Method, himself.

Pilates Workshop Retreat

Level up with TPC legends for intensive Pilates learning.

All experience levels welcome! 

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What is Pilates?

Classical Pilates follows the original exercise routines developed by Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of the Pilates Method.


Originally named “contrology,” or “the science of control” these exercises utilize specialized equipment designed to increase strength and flexibility through uniform muscle development, core strength, and movement.


Joseph Pilates believed that a healthy body bred a healthy mind and a peaceful world would follow.

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Meet the team

What we do

Our studio is filled with all the Pilates equipment you need to discover the power of Pilates. Our teachers build and supervise individualized exercise programs to fit your ability level and your personal fitness goals.  Try Pilates for 10 days and see the results!

Teacher Training

All of our Pilates teachers have completed rigorous training in the Classical Pilates method through The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and are certified through the National Pilates Certification Program (NCPT).

Karol Schmidt

NCPT, Owner, Founder, TPC Host Advisor

Megan Bollinger
Linda Hagy
Susan Mayo


I have been going to Pilates classes for many years, and have had many instructors. Karol is definitely the best.”    

Pamela B. 

I can not say enough good things about Karol. If you are wanting to improve the way you feel, Karol is the trainer for you."

Nicole D. 

Karol is an inspiring instructor. She holistically guides her students to develop healthier bodies and minds."

Jutta G. 

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804 40th Street W.

Bradenton, FL

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